5 Ways to Ensure that Your Website is Ready for Cyber Monday Sales

The website that you have determines your success this coming Cyber Monday. The reason for this is that it plays a significant role in attracting as well as converting visitors to buyers. The majority of Cyber Monday sales are done and hence, having a highly-responsive website is a great deal in making more sales during this day. Here are a few things that you need to do as a preparation for your site.

a)        Have a website that is easy to use

Some websites are difficult to use, slow, and overly unattractive. Such sites tend to have high bounce rates and low conversion rates and hence, low sales. You need to carry out usability tests on your website to ensure that it is attractive, fast and easy to use. It should be concise in content and easy to read; have high load speed; quick and clear support, and generally, user-friendly.

b)       Mobile friendly

The majority of the people nowadays have mobile devices that can access the internet, and most likely their will do their Cyber Monday shopping via their phones. As such, you do not want a case where visitors to your website cannot buy anything since your site is not mobile friendly. Having a mobile-friendly website ensures that people can buy on the go.

c)         Have targeted cyber Monday discounts

Having a relevant online shopping experience is one of the strategies that many online giants are using. They are doing this through having large customer database which they can target for promotions and discounts anytime. Therefore, start your promotions by targeting your existing customers as you continue creating a new database.

Also, when creating your promotions and offers, you can focus on customers based on their geographic or demographic data. Such personalization ensures that you offer promotions based on the personalities of your customers.

d)       Increase your social media efforts

Nowadays, social media sites have become a better place for customers and sellers to meet and interact. As you plan your Cyber Monday deals, it is essential that you factor the role of social media in drawing traffic to your website. Ensure that your site is integrated with social media icons such as Facebook, email blasts, tweets, as well as display ads.

e)        Review your websites ability to handle high traffic

Lack of the ability of your website to handle high traffic can have adverse impacts on your Cyber Monday deals. You need to ensure that your database can withstand an increase in traffic and provide successful processing of many searches.

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