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Important Things Every Merchant or Retailer Should Know About Black Friday 2017 Deals

Black Friday is slowly approaching so you better be prepared! Here are the most important things every merchant or retailer should know about Black Friday 2017 deals!

We all love this time of the year, a time when discounts, deals, promotions, and sales are all around us! Black Friday is slowly approaching so you better be prepared to offer your shoppers a safe, convenient, and successful Black Friday experience!

This is usually the main focus of the merchants and retailers when preparing their stores or ecommerce websites for Black Friday. However, there are some other things you can do as well, there should be always room for improvement.

We promise you that the rewards will be fantastic!

Here are the most important things every merchant or retailer should know about Black Friday 2017 deals:

  • Reward your first shoppers – You need to motivate your shoppers to purchase your products, and how to do that? You need to reward them! When you think of Black Friday and that crazy shopping crowd, what is the first thing that pops up into your head? Is it an image of anxious, hungry, and cold shoppers who wait in line outside the store? Here is what you can do: you can let some of the shoppers in your store so they can wait inside. People never forget things like this and they will surely reward you by purchasing your products or coming back to chop again. You can offer snacks or hot drinks, for example a coffee and a pretzel. These things are cheap and we are sure that everyone will appreciate them. Another thing you can do is offer prizes or better discounts for the first 50 or 100 customers.
  • Proper Ecommerce Store Organization is Crucial – If your ecommerce website is not organized during a sale, especially for Black Friday sale, you are risking of losing a lot of shoppers. Your potential shoppers have already circled the products they want to purchase and when they visit your site they want to find those products as quickly as possible. Not being able to find the products will only create frustration and chaos. Our advice is to offer store maps that shoppers can check in advance so they know where the best items from your Black Friday ads are located.

Train Your Employee Better – If your employees are not trained properly to handle a normal day, how they are going to face Black Friday and the shopping madness. It is really important your employees to be properly trained for special situations that happen on Black Friday, for instance, how to help several shoppers at the same time, how to calm down nervous shoppers, and etc. They should know every information about the products including the discount, shipping methods, and etc. Every employee should be trained on the cash register and have keys for products stored behind the glass.

  • Create a safe environment – Black Friday is also known as a day when people are causing problems including stealing, fighting, stampeding, and etc. Regardless of whether the violence is caused by people who want to shop for Black Friday or by people who are using the situation as an excuse to cause trouble, your job as a merchant or a retailer is to create a safe environment where all shoppers can feel safe and secure while shopping. Here are a few things you can do: install visible security cameras, reach out to law enforcement, and have a team of dedicated security employees.

Use our helpful tips and increase your sales for this year’s Black Friday!